‘A Musical Night From Stage and Screen’ Casting Announced

We are very pleased and proud to present the cast of our upcoming one-night-only musical showcase “A Musical Night from Stage & Screen”:

Helen Abrey
Fiona Adams
Amie Bailey
Stacey Boyne
Katie Clemence
Matt Clothier
Jo Coffer
Malcolm Cotsworth
Vivienne Ekwulogu
Kyriacos Elia
Sharon Galatis
Olivia Gavigan
Saskia Hirsch
Sean Johnson
Simon Jones
Ruth Morley
Chantel O’Brien
Jemma Puri
Bethan Rufey
Alex Sangster
Martin Scott
Lauren Seres
Emma Stratton
Russell Stratton
Adam Thompson
Julian Wathen

Around 50 people auditioned for the show, and the standard was so high that it took the audition panel two and a half hours to decide the cast list! Congratulations to all those cast, and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful: we hope to see you again at future auditions!