Full Casting Announced For “A Little Night Music”

As our spring production comes to a close, our summer fringe production of Sondheim’s A Little Night Music is well underway, following the success of previous summer fringe shows Company and Avenue Q.

In turn-of-the-century Sweden, the night does not smile. Lawyer Fredrik Egerman is married to the 18-year-old Anne, who after nearly a year is still not ready for all that a marriage brings. Their maid Petra toys with the emotions of Fredrik’s academic son Henrik, who has fallen madly in love with Anne. Travelling actress Desiree Armfeldt is an old flame of Fredrik’s, and when she performs in Fredrik’s town the estranged lovers’ passion rekindles. To complicate matters Desiree is already involved with the insanely jealous – and already married – Count Carl Magnus, whose wife Charlotte does not appreciate her husband’s philandering ways.
When all meet at Desiree’s mother’s chateau for “A Weekend in The Country” this tangled romantic web begins to take even more twists and turns. Will the night smile for them all?
Featuring the timeless favourites “Send in the Clowns” and “The Millers Son” amongst a whole host of beautiful songs, A Little Night Music is Sondheim’s story of love, nostalgia, and the magic of a summer’s night.
Casting is as follows:
Frederik Egerman – David Duffy
Anne Egerman – Saskia Hirsh
Henrik Egerman – Philip Jackson
Desiree Armfeldt – Anna Ecclestone
Petra – Amie Bailey
Count Carl Magnus – Lior Sayada
Charlotte Magnus – Caroline Fitch
Madame Armfeldt – Isobel Wiggins
Frederika Armfeldt – Katie Wilmott
Frid – Matthew Shaw
Mrs Nordstrom – Emma Cash
Mrs Segstrom – Alison Bilsby
Mrs Anderssen – Sarah Cahill-Smith
Mr Lindquist – Jason Lane
Mr Erlansen – Stephen Hathaway

A Little Night Music will run from 12th-15th July at Edge Grove School, Aldenham. Tickets are available from