‘Annie’ Adults Casting Announced

Last night, our production team and panel for Annie auditions had a fantastic night of auditions, in which they were extremely impressed with the depth of talent that was shown by all! Our sincere thanks to all of our auditionees Рyou all made the decision extremely difficult.

Annie Cast:

Miss Hannigan – Jo Coffer
Grace – Emma Cash
Lily – Rebecca Binstock
Star-To-Be – Helen Rust
Boylen Sisters – Julie Tillin, Indeg Kerr, and Sharon Galatis
Mrs Greer – Angie Frost

Daddy Warbucks – Andy Frost
Rooster – Julian Wathen
Bert Healy – John Steele
Bundles McCloskey – Jason Lane
Lt Ward/Sgt Hooper – Steve Hathaway
Drake – Julian Ardouin
Franklin D Roosevelt – Bill Penketh
Francis Perkins – Malcolm Cotsworth
Fred McCracken/Harold Ickes/Man with Papers – Matthew Shaw

Congratulations to those cast! There are still a large number of uncast lines (singing and speaking) which will be cast from the following people who auditioned:

Ruth Ainley
Paula Appiah
Amie Bailey
Georgia Dove
Kat Foxworthy
Helen Marshall
Val Penketh
Rachel Permutt
Melanie Riseam